President Trump, Chairman Kim and Cohen
President Trump, Chairman Kim and Cohen


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The Effect of Unchecked Hatred

North Korea has been a torn in the flesh of several US Presidents. Former President Obama was so concerned about North Korea that he told incoming and current President Trump that North Korea (not Russia) poses the greatest threat to the US and world peace. Observe, former President Obama is a Democrat, while President Trump is a Republican, hence one would have expected bipartisan support to actions taken by President Trump to mitigate the danger posed by North Korea.

However, the opposite is the case. In a mad bid to undermine Trump's peace making effort with North Korean leader, Chairman Kim Jong Un, House Democrats slated explosive interviews with Michael Cohen (a convicted liar) on days designated for the US-North Korea Summit. Why? Democrats are aware of Trump prowess as a negotiator, the North Korean leader has made several concessions to Trump in the past (sending back remains of US soldiers who died in the Korean war, paritally or totally destroying a nuclear facility, suspending nuclear and rocket testing etc), hence democrats wish to satuarate the airwaves with news cycle that will undercut any success recorded at the summit.

Another testimonial to Trump's ability to negotiate unfolded during his trade war with China. Observe, successive Presidents failed to rein in US trade imbalance with China, until Trump came along and used the power of tariffs to force China to the negotiation table, China recently promised to purchase goods worth over $1 trillion as a result of ongoing negotiations. Meanwhile, Democrats turned a blind eye when Rosemont, a private equity firm managed by Hunter Biden (the son of former Vice President Joe Biden) and Chris Heinz (the stepson of Senator John Kerry), struck a $1 billion investment deal with China’s state owned bank in 2013 while Biden was on a state visit to China.

Imagine the hue and cry that would engulf the US Congress and their allies in the media if Vice President Pence or President Trump’s children ink a deal with China’s state owned bank while their parents are on a state visit to that country. However, back in 2013, no one made any noise about the trip or tried to scuttle or undermine it in anyway.

Therefore why the double standard? Why will democrats and their media allies try to undermine Republicans while covering up for Democrats? Some claim Democrats and their media allies are angry that Trump colluded with Russians to steal the Presidency from Hillary Clinton. However, available evidence reveals it was Hillary Clinton’s campaign, their media allies, compromised DOJ/FBI officials and the DNC that colluded with Russians (by proxy, using Glenn Simpson’s company and Steele a former UK spy) to gather damaging information on President Trump.

Nonetheless, I strongly believe the real answer is that the DNC, Democrats and their sponsors are the cash cows of their media and professionals allies (professors, lawyers, and activists) who kowtow to their talking points. Observe, the advent of the Internet greatly undermined the finances of traditional news media in the US (print media and cable news), hence any lifeline thrown their way delays bankruptcy by some years. It is therefore not surprising that journalists are defending their biggest patrons, just as the Piper pipes to the preferred tune of his or her patron.

Historically, most journalists instinctively accept Democrats who tend to engage and flatter them, while attacking Republicans who seek the good of the country. This trend started with Thomas Paine who hated American's first President George Washington, whom he blamed for his long incarceration in France, during the French Revolution. Luckily, historians faithfully preserved the hatred directed towards Abraham Lincoln by journalists, everything about Lincoln wasn't good enough, ditto with Jackson, Reagan, both Bushes and now Trump. It appears Democrats who were mostly owners of plantations (where blacks slaves were maltreated); successfully crafted a policy of winning journalists to their cause by any means possible.

Chairman Kim Jong Un is aware of the great divide in the US, hence he smartly tried to play tough, hoping President Trump will cave in to his demands to remove sanctions and continue with negotiations later. However, President Trump is not willing to come up empty (like former Prime Minister Arthur Chamberlain after meeting with Hitler and Senator John Kerry after meeting with the Iranians). Hence, he decided to walk away without any concessions. I firmly believe history will rightly honor President Trump for his tough choice while reserving harsh criticisms for compromised US journalists of this era, along with their patrons (Elijah Cummings, Adams Schiff, Nadal, Lanny Davies) and their sidekick Michael Cohen.

Democrats and their media allies wish to revive political tension between two nuclear armed powers. They wish to revive the toxic atmosphere which trigger the sending of a fake message about North Korean missiles heading towards Hawaii, no matter the mental or emotional cost on ordinary Americans or to the global economy. Democrats and their media allies truly hate President Trump more than they love America or the global economy. This madness has gone too far and need to stop.

GOD bless America – amen.

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