When Earthly Wisdom Fails
A Titanic Clash





A Titanic Clash

The unending Corona-virus (COVID-19) news cycle created an image of a virus that will ravage mankind for years to come in the minds of many folks. Thus Democrats and their Hollywood + MSM allies claimed (without evidence) that the virus will go away if Joe Biden (who is fearfully hiding from the virus) is elected. This anti-science belief was the accepted dogma amongst rabid Trump haters until COVID-19 decided to test her muscles against Trump.

Let me introduce the contestants, Trump is the leader of the free world, so figuratively he is the crowned defender of the free world. His challenger is COVID-19, whose crown like projections marked it as the crowned tormentor of the world (due to its’ deadliness).

No one knew how many rounds the battle would last when both contestants locked horns last week. However, I believe the actual battle started way earlier, when Trump was exposed either accidentally or deliberately to the virus by someone or something he came in contact with. Thus the virus had an early start against the leader of the free world and was mercilessly punching him internally.

Images of incapacitated Boris Johnson on respirator must have flashed across the minds of millions all over the world. Indeed, many haters were breathlessly waiting for images of an unconscious and hapless Trump to begin circulating as early as this week. Why? Because of his age. COVID-19 usually trumps those within his age bracket. This is the reason Biden is hiding in his basement and why Pelosi is fearful of undergoing a COVID-19 test that could be leaked.

Surprisingly, it was the opposite that happened! Trump was busy working while colonies of COVID-19 viruses were busy dying within him! Hallelujah! Hosanna to Highest! Please take a deep breath and re-read this sentence “Trump was busy working, while COVID-19 viruses were busy dying within him” What does this implies? A TREATMENT THAT WORKS IS READY BEFORE NOVEMBER! - Eureka!

Spread the news around! The Democratic Governors of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California and Michigan – (whose policies murdered many grannies) should reopen without further delay, Americans can go to the polls, beach, school and most importantly work! Why? Because Trump demonstrated it is possible. Americans can work without further fear of COVI-19!

Observe, COVID-19 sank like the Titanic after hitting Trump! USA!

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