Migrant Kids in Cages
Caged Migrant Kids


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Eyes Wide Shut

Eyes wide shut (EWS) is an open display of prejudice and hypocrisy in news reports. It describes MSM modus operandi against Republicans, whom MSM relentlessly attack without any valid interest in knowing the truth. Thus a Time magazine reporter lied that President Trump ordered the removal of Martin Luther King's bust from the Oval Office, simply because he couldn't see it (a cameraman was in front of it). Nonetheless, he never bothered to confirm his prejudice, he simply filed his fake report for publication, only to apologize later on.

It is important to note that this prejudice by Time Magazine set the tone for future reports by EWS crazed journos. Therefore, it wasn't surprising when MSM reported that President Trump's non-collusion with Russians is a crime (before the facts were out), while Hillary/DNC/FBI/State Department collusion with Russians and foreign intelligence to prepare and propagate the infamous fake dossier is opposition research or Russian disinformation campaign.

EWS led to the publication of images of migrant kids placed inside cages during Obama’s administration (till date, available images of migrant children in cages were taken during Obama administration). These incriminating images would have remained unpublished by MSM if Trump administration had not separated kids from their parents, however, this separation was more humane, kids had space to play, enough to eat and TV programmes to watch. Yet EWS activists and journalists refused to publish the real pictures of what was happening at the border (because it was positive), hence they dug up Obama’s administration incriminating images of children in cages for publication. Nonetheless, their deceit (as usual) was exposed and the images were quickly pulled to “protect” Obama.

Again, EWS crippled the #MeToo movement, the inconvenient truth is that Liberals and Democrats (not Republicans) often prey on vulnerable women. While several Republicans were accused of preying on women, the majority of confirmed cases affected Liberals and Democrats. Aside from the likes of Clinton, Harvey, MSM pundits, Al Franken, and recently Katie Hill, the most popular and abhorrent #MeToo kingpin is Democrat’s idol. Former President Thomas Jefferson.

Jefferson started an affair with 14 years old Sally Hemings around 1787. Sally was the biracial sister of his late wife and thus a slave. Although the affair resulted in six kids, yet Jefferson refused to marry Sally, neither did he refrain from sexually abusing her. This Barbarian (Jefferson) forever stained his name by refusing to release the children he had with Sally from the stain of slavery at birth, some escaped, while others were released many years later. From the foregoing, the #MeToo movement had to die, in order to protect Liberals and Democrats. MSM and Democrats initially thought the #MeToo movement would be weaponized against Trump and Republicans, especially during the midterms, it worked in Alabama, but it backfired mightily upon Dems nationwide.

EWS equally stiffened Democrats, Liberal journos and pundits against human misery in democrat’s cities. Observe, if MSM decides to report on how homelessness benefit Liberals and Democrats, then this seemingly unsolvable human misery will become solvable – pronto. Besides a lot of folks (who benefitted from this human misery) will end up in prison. The arrest in August of illegal migrants for dealing drugs to homeless folks is just a tip of the iceberg. These drug dealers often stashed their drugs with homeless folks, the drugs are retrieved whenever the gang is ready to sell their illicit commodity to the homeless community. Meanwhile, San Francisco doles out monthly general assistance $$ to homeless folks, of course part of this money is spent on illicit drugs. Yet these gang members are protected from ICE by sanctuary laws, while homeless folks are protected from real assistance by wrongheaded laws.

Journalists displayed an amazing level of EWS syndrome when Pelosi and Pinocchio Schiff upended Congress’s 151 years’ precedence of holding votes before launching an impeachment inquiry. EWS journos and pundit shamelessly threw their support behind Pinocchio Schiff (a four-star liar, unprecedented leaker and a rabid undemocratic partisan). Not one EWS journo or pundit questioned Pinocchio Schiff’s sudden flip-flop regarding his earlier push for the whistle blower to testify, nor did they connect the dots that his sudden flip-flop is likely due to his new found fear that his extensive collaboration with the whistleblower will be blown open. Imagine what would happen if Pinocchio Schiff was a Republican – treason would be the least inflaming word that Democrats, journos and pundits will use to describe his actions. EWS Democrats, journos and pundits will keep repeating his norm shattering actions until he either steps aside or allow the whistleblower to testify.

In an unprecedented move, EWS Democrats, journos and pundits worked overtime to frame Saturday’s take down of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in a negative light. Clapper claimed it will galvanize ISIS, Pelosi fumed Congress wasn’t notified (as if President Trump must inform leaky Congress about any step taken by the Executive arm of government). Meanwhile, every American celebrated Osama Bin Laden’s takedown under former President Obama, therefore, why can’t President Trump receive similar courtesy? Because it will make him look good and weaken the undemocratic impeachment effort.

Why the double standard against Republicans? What benefits are Liberal journos and pundits gaining from their disinformation service on behalf of Democrats? Long answer: Democrats raised billions each election cycle, yet, most of their campaigns along with the DNC ALWAYS end up in red ink. Where do these monies go? A chunk of campaign funds is artfully diverted to EWS journos and pundits in the name of “advertisements” and “consultations” to ensure journalists, pundits and grievance activists remain EWS. After-all, he who pays the piper dictates the tune. However, since Republicans don’t spend that much on these fake journos and pundits, they naturally become the target of these EWS diehards. Thus MSM shamelessly peddle their wares, knowing Democrats will prod up their failing revenue stream, with cash, selective anti-Republican leaks and unearned pats on the back.

Interestingly, EWS is as old as America. It all started with Thomas Paine, whom Democrats conscripted after facilitating his release from imprisonment in France. Thereafter, Paine relentlessly attacked George Washington until Washington’s sudden death after a brief illness. Did Paine’s philippics contributed to Washington’s untimely demise? It is definitely probable. Who gained from Washington’s death? Thomas Jefferson, how? Washington was sympathetic towards the Federalist Party; thus he was in the way of Jefferson’s plan of becoming President. George Washington died at 67, his death was sudden, yet the next 10 presidents after him lived an average of 76 years, reaping the reward of America persecuted liberator.

Several years later, Democrats adopted the same tactics against Abraham Lincoln by stirring journos against him. His Gettysburg address was ridiculed by MSM journos of his days, yet the address is celebrated today. The stringent attacks against Lincoln eventually motivated a crazed actor to assassinate the President!

Unfortunately, these EWS inspired actions equally affected another great Republican President, Ronald Reagan. He was mercilessly savaged by Democrats, journos and pundits, leading to an assassination attempt which he survived.

In a nutshell, no Republican President is good enough for Democrats, journos and pundits suffering from EWS syndrome. Thus the relentless attacks against President Trump isn’t unique, it is the standard modus operandi of EWS afflicted Democrats, journos and pundits. However, the only unique feature of the present EWS operation is that a Republican President is actually fighting back! Trump seems to be the avenger, a one-man riot squad fighting against years of sometimes fatal philippics against innocent Republicans. Perhaps the spirits of Washington, Lincoln, Reagan and to an extent Nixon are applauding his masterful exposure of journalistic hypocrisy, connivance, malpractice and double standard.

Eyes wide shut,
Democracy (and truth) dies in darkness,
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is an
Austere Religious Scholar,
How dare Trump “execute him”?
Let’s use his death to stir up
Controversy against Trump
Let us stir Muslims against Republicans.

Eyes wide shut,
DNC Donkeys have gone bonkers!
Why withdraw fifty US troops
From the Syrian/Turkish border?
Leave them to be butchered
That we may crucify Don as a murderer!

Eyes wide shut,
Donkeys are frothing and foaming,
From lying mouths,
Angry Eyes, and dilated nostrils.
They are choking
On very fake patriotism,
Over a thousand troops
Whom Don redeployed to Iraq
To neutralize the head of
ISIS Serpent.

Eyes wide shut,
All the (fake) news fit to print,
Brett Kavanaugh exposed himself!
Alleged incidence in comatose,
'Cos alleged victim cannot remember!


Eyes wide shut,
Do Contribute your MSM EWS
In the comment section.
Let’s expose the hypocrites.

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