Taming Coronavirus
Taming Coronavirus





Taming Coronavirus

“Coronavirus” pathogens exist everywhere. Observe, the current variant (2019-nCoV or COVID-19) is a cousin of the common cold/flu. It is equally possible that the current variant of coronavirus has co-existed with mankind for centuries without becoming lethal – why? “Because each generation prior to this generation spent a lot of time outdoors or in open spaces”, and before (according to ground-breaking report from Intercept) the current variant was tweaked in a biolab with funds from Fauci's National Institute of Health (NIH).

Two facts emerged from the statement above: first, the effect of sun rays on our body while running, waking or sun bathing outdoors acts as a tonic which invigorates our natural defense against several pathogens (including coronavirus).

Secondly, our sedentary lifestyle (in cram spaces), coupled with unhealthy eating habits has greatly weakened our immune system to the point that it can’t naturally resist coronavirus pathogen.

Let me further buttress these points using a personal experience. Sometimes last year, I spent five to six weeks indoors while working on a computer simulation problem in Abuja Nigeria. Everything went well until I switched from taking hot showers to cold showers. Thus I woke up one morning with a very sore throat and pains in my chest. Luckily, I knew instantly that the cold showers were responsible, therefore, I turned the hot water knob to the hottest level I could endure and focus the shower around my throat, chest and back. Finally, I filled the bathtub with enough hot water to cover my chest and throat area while lying on my back.

In addition to these hot baths, I regularly chewed vitamin C tablets or soaked a bunch of these tablets in hot water and drink the concoction in several gulps or sipped it while working. Expectedly, the symptoms vanished and I was hale and healthy again (in two or three days).

However, it is possible to suffer a relapse if the weather condition persists and the victim refuses to spend time outdoors.

From the foregoing, a casual examination of weather reports from areas hit by coronavirus revealed Trump was right to desire an early return of spring in the US. However, why wait for spring? Why not head out to warmer climes? Remember the Italian who left Italy with Coronavirus and shed the virus along with its symptoms in sweltering Nigeria.

Meanwhile, just last week, TVC (a television station in Nigeria) railed against the heat wave sweeping across Nigeria, without realizing the heat wave likely hold the key to coronavirus containment. Indeed, I appreciate the heat, I equally appreciate Global Warming, why? It appears prolong cold conditions (winter) is more dangerous to sedentary and cram mankind than prolong spring. May spring come early to all climes suffering coronavirus attacks in Jesus name – Amen.

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