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Asiwaju Bola Tinubu


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APC: Advance Poverty Champions

Elections have consequences. Nigerians voted for the wrong party and are regretting their decision, I did my best in 2014/2015 to warn those around me (friends, Church members and Pastors) that Buhari’s election will lead to suffering and poverty based on his past performance. The responses I got was uniform and can be summed up thus “at least he will do better than Jonathan” - but was he better than Jonathan? Let’s find out.

  1. A week after Buhari was sworn in, Benin Republic’s CFA gained on the Naira and has held steady to this day. On average it exchanged at 2,500CFA to ₦1,000 under Jonathan and Yar’Adua. Unfortunately things have changed, on average it currently exchanges at 1,400CFA to ₦1,000. A negative change from APC.
  2. Nigeria overtook South Africa as the largest economy in Africa based on a recalculation of our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for 2012. GDP for Nigeria was 80.3 trillion naira ($509 billion) in 2012, far above South Africa's 2012 result of $384 billion. Unfortunately, by 2018, Nigeria became the poverty capital of the world by overtaking India - another negative change from APC.
  3. Importers now cough out more Naira to purchase USD, why? Because nobody trust the Buhari led APC government. Our foreign partners will NOT inject their hard earned money into Nigerian banks because Buhari can wake up and claim that injected USD are proceeds of crime and confiscate everything. Hence importers are running around chasing available USD - another negative change from APC.

Yet, APC confidently accused PDP of wrecking the nation, a few facts revealed their confidence is erroneous, observe:

  1. Buhari spent six months in 2015 to assemble his ministerial list! Six long months! Who was running the nation during this period? Nobody, it was on auto-pilot to nowhere. I guess it was Jonathan’s fault right? Nope. Kai Baba was looking for those he can trust from the North.
  2. Again, Buhari appointed 8 dead persons into boards of government agencies in 2017! It appears the messiah did not know his appointees were dead. Did Jonathan sneaked into Aso Rock and changed the list? Nope. Just another act of incompetence from the APC led government.
  3. Finally, average crude oil prices during Obasanjo’s first term were $19.35 (1999), $30.38 (2000), $25.98 (2001), and $26.19 (2002). While Buhari enjoyed the following prices during his first term $48.72 (2015), $43.58 (2016), $50.84 (2017), and $64.90 (2018). Observe, Obasanjo wisely used his skills and prudence to transformed Nigeria positively with the lower crude oil prices, while Buhari led APC government used their skills and made Nigeria

    the Poverty Capital of the world.

    Jonathan’s fault? Nope. Just another act of incompetence from the APC led government.

But why is Buhari a failure? I don’t know him personally, but judging from his actions, I can only surmise that he hates Nigerians, especially those who don’t belong to his side and camp. Unfortunately, those whom he hates are the producers (successful business men/women, oil producing regions etc), and those whom he favors are takers, they produce nothing but chaos.

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