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Wickedness in High Places

I was one of those who vehemently criticized the decision by INEC to postpone the 2019 Presidential and NASS election by a week. However, recent events revealed they made the right decision.

Observe, Buhari boasted in a recent interview with CNN Africa that “Nobody will unseat me” – this claim revealed his deep faith in ongoing efforts by his supporters to force him upon Nigerians despite his abysmal record. He confidently travelled to Daura thereafter to cast his vote, not knowing the rude shock awaiting him – the election was postponed!

Why was President Buhari confident? Let’s examine his preparations toward his reelection bid:

  1. Firstly, he forced out the CJN and installed a Sharia expert (who will defer to him on any election related judgment) as the acting CJN. His supporters claimed the ousted CJN is corrupt, and then claimed the ousted CJN agreed to work with the opposition to steal electoral victory from the APC. However, the opposite is the case, observe, recent events revealed APC supporters had put in place elaborate plans to ensure voting takes place only in their strongholds while causing violence and election postponement in PDP strongholds; all in a twisted bid to force election runoffs in such PDP strongholds. Such runoffs will allow the APC to mobilize and implement the Osun blueprint during each runoff. Observe, a close friend of mine who is an APC member revealed that APC leaders imported out of state voters into Osun in order to turn the table against Adeleke the PDP’s candidate, hence their concerted effort to prevent observers and journalists from accessing affected polling stations. The Osun blueprint includes corrupting INEC staffs with money to throw the election in favor of the APC, while influencing security operatives to prevent journalists and observers from visiting affected polling units – each of these actions will trigger avalanche of court cases, which will eventually land at the Supreme Court, where the Sharia expert awaits to influence such cases.
  2. Secondly, in preparation of their plans to destabilize PDP strongholds and to blame the PDP for such acts, the National Security Adviser (NSA), Babagana Monguno, claimed in January 2019 that the Federal Government of Nigeria has uncovered plans by some politicians to cause violence during the forthcoming general elections; without providing evidence. Again, on the eve of the election, the Governor of Kaduna state claimed that 66 persons lost their lives in an area with a predominately Christian population, all in a bid to postpone election from holding there. However, recent reports revealed the loss of lives occurred earlier, meanwhile, recent events equally revealed that various attacks on Election Day happened in PDP strongholds only. Surprisingly, most attacks were either directed against INEC in a bid to cripple their operations, or against PDP members in order to provoke a violent response. Such attacks are calculate to force election cancellation in affected areas.

From the forgoing, President Buhari was counting on his Sharia expert to save his Presidency from the various court cases which would have challenged his victory at the polls; fortunately, INEC recovered their battered impartiality and decided to forestall throwing the nation into protracted crises by postponing the election.

While commending the INEC Chairman and foreign observers for doing the right thing, it is important that INEC ensures state RECs take proper care of their NYSC ad-hoc personnel; else politicians can induce them to attempt throwing the election in their favor.

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