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From Ghana with Love

I received an audio file from a beloved Brother based in the US on the 5th of February 2019. The content of this audio file is so troubling that I decided to ascertain it’s authenticity before publishing a investigative report, here are my troubling findings.

Kofi claimed in the audio file that Nigerian officials met with Iranians and Saudis, their goal is to Islamize Nigeria, which of course will be rejected and will lead to full-scale war. While official travel records are not easy to come by, Iranians have no doubt met with Buhari here in Nigeria in 2015.

This is troubling since Iranians were fingered in a clandestine arm shipment operation in November 2010. The Vanguard newspaper reported that some Iranians shipped 13 containers of grenades and rockets through Apapa port. While the Vanguard opined that the weapons were imported to destabilized the 2011 election, am of the opinion that the objective is to remove the Christian President by force or by crook and to establish a Muslim President.

Observe, the only Shiite movement in Nigeria that is visibly aligned with Iranian interests is headed by detained Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, IMN. His members have been known to attack security agents with stones, imagine what they would do if these grenades and rockets were safely delivered into their hands, they will tear down every Church and later turn on the Sunnis.

Of course we are aware that Buhari’s CPC went on to cause trouble after they lost the presidential election in 2011. Buhari CPC (which metamorphosed into the APC) is the only political party whose members murdered INEC adhoc officials from the South (after lossing the election) - even without Iranian weapons of destruction.

Other troubling signs include Buhari attendance of D-8 meeting in Turkey in 2017, D-8 is meant for Islamic countries, and at last check Nigeria isn’t one. We should equally remember that Ibrahim El-Zakzaky recently instructed Shiites not to vote for Buhari, this would cause him to lose votes, hence setting the background for the purported meeting reported by Kofi in Saudi Arabia.

Finally, it is clear that the Nigerian Government is willing to release Ibrahim El-Zakzaky from detention, remember Lai Mohammed declared it costs ₦3.5 million to feed detained El-Zakzaky EVERY MONTH! This was shortly after a Federal Judge refused to release El-Zakzaky.

Unfortunately, Osinbajo cannot do anything to prevent this from happening. He is being used to divide the body of Christ. May GOD save Nigeria – Amen.

Please listen to the audio below and let’s have your reaction. For technical readers, the original audio is in OPUS file format without any identifying metadata, I converted it to MP3 and inserted some metadata.

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