Third World Injustice, gasoline, used tyre and matchstick...
Third World Injustice, gasoline, used tyre and matchstick...


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Third World Injustice

Some years back, I heard the story of a robbery victim who ended up being lynched as a robbery suspect. How did it happen? Well, the victim was chasing the robber and shouting “Thief! Thief!”, meanwhile the running robber was pointing at the victim and equally shouting “Thief! Thief”. For whatever reason, folks believed the robber was the victim, and the victim was the robber, thus they pounced on the victim and promptly set him on fire (while the robber escaped), the double victim died a horrible death. This happened in Lagos Nigeria.

Several years later, in faraway United States of Ajegunle (sorry I meant America), Adam Schiff, whose district contains several “Ajegunles” (Ajegunle, a town in Lagos is notable for free flowing poop in some streets, raw sewage, dirt and drugs) decided to adopt Lagos mob justice on a duly elected President of United States of America in order to hide likely crimes by Democrats, MSM, and corrupt intelligence officials (ex and current).

Luckily, President Trump (the victim of the worst state sanctioned spying on a political campaign) has healthy lungs, along with a big healthy voice, hence his shouts of “Thief! Thief!” is slowly but surely drowning out the collective shouts of MSM, Democrats and corrupt intelligence officials (ex and current).

It is disappointing that the first Black President of the USA will stoop low and attempt to introduce third-world styled injustice to the land of the brave, free and strong. Like it or not, the level of his self-serving conspiracy against democracy will be exposed, and the good guys will have the last laugh over lying MSM and their democratic handlers.

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