Glenn Simpson and Claas Relotius)
Glenn Simpson and Claas Relotius


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The Era of Lazy and Criminal Journalism

Glenn Simpson’s fake compilation of criminal collusion between Trump campaign and Russians to sway the election led to a multi-million dollars investigation which eventually exonerated President Trump and his campaign after two long years. In faraway Germany, Claas Relotius fake report about Trump supporters in Fergus Falls led to negative attention directed towards innocent citizens of Fergus Falls. Relotius won the CNN’s “Journalist of the Year” award for his lies, while Glen Simpson raked in millions for gas-lighting America with his lies. These two journos are a reflection of the systemic decay of journalistic integrity amongst Western Liberal-leaning journalists.

Western Liberal journalists have become lazy and partisan. These toxic qualities exposes them to mass manipulation, with the attendant effect of reporting false narratives, alternative facts, fake news, propaganda and echo chamber chatter as real news. No wonder they earn the contempt of Ben Rhodes (Obama’s foreign policy wonk) who famously described them as “know nothing” journalists.

This same Ben Rhodes famously misled Western Liberal journalists and shaped their narratives/reporting during the 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal negotiations. He craftily created an echo chamber filled with alternative facts and fake nuclear proliferation experts, which was swallowed hook, line, sinker and fishing rod by his “know nothing” journos!

These know-nothing journalists pushed Rhode’s fake narratives and made it possible for Iran to receive billions after the misguided deal was signed.

Unsurprisingly, these “know nothing” journos earned their "know nothing" title, I will like to append a new title to Western Liberal journos, I call them the "learn nothing" journalists. Fact is, they learned nada from Rhode's manipulation of their narratives. How else can we explain their falling over themselves to paint Trump and his supporters as traitors through a false collusion narrative prepared by Glenn Simpson on behalf of Hillary Clinton and the DNC? Why did these learn nothing folks push these alternative facts, fake news, Democrat’s propaganda and Democrat’s sponsored echo chamber without hard evidence?

Why should The New York Times and The Washington Post be rewarded with a Pulitzer Prize for brazenly and repeatedly spewing lies about Trump campaign colluding with Russians to win the election? Except if the Pulitzer board is staffed by “know nothing” and learn nothing active and retired former employees of NYT and WaPo?

Observe, repeating false narratives, alternative facts, fake news, propaganda and echo chamber chatter as real news in the presence of overwhelming evidence lead credence to two conclusions, namely western Liberal journalists are either willfully blind or worse are criminally misinforming the public.

A summary of Mueller’s expensive and intrusive investigation of Trump/Russia collusion concluded that there was no collusion between Trump Campaign and Russians; however, Mueller foolishly punted the obstruction charge to DOJ officials. His action on the obstruction charge is foolish, why? Observe, everyday parents (without a degree in law) know that if a child didn’t steal the missing cookie, then his/her tantrums in refuting their insinuations and innuendoes are meaningless, after all, the child didn’t prevent their accusations, and intrusive investigations, rather he or she vehemently expressed his or her innocence and loudly criticized their error in persistently insinuating he or she is a thief.

In a nutshell, there can’t be obstruction since there was no collusion. Period.

Going back to the parent/child metaphor, a parent who falsely and publicly accuses a child of stealing cookies and eventually discovered his or her error often apologizes to the child, but these “know nothing” and learn nothing Western Liberal journos are doubling down on their know-nothingness. Instead of apologizing, they are busy painting the Attorney General as biased. These “know nothing” and “learn nothing” journos can’t even define the meaning of the word “spy” they react with faux-pas democrat’s echo chamber anger because the new Attorney General rightly claimed it is a big deal if the FBI improperly spied on the Trump campaign.

Why the squabbles over the word “spy” and over the exoneration of President Trump and his campaign of criminal collusion and obstruction charges? Let’s examine both sides of the faux-pas outrage. Democrats don’t want to lose their House majority which they partly gained through their false narratives, alternative facts, fake news, propaganda and echo chamber chatter that House Republican investigators are covering up for President Trump.

Indeed Adam Schiff, Nadal, Waters and Elijah Cummings lied their way to leadership roles in Congress. Surprisingly, Adam Schiff is still tone-deaf and outrageously/willfully blind in claiming there is hard evidence of collusion in plain sight, when the plain sight is the Trump Tower meeting, which was seemingly arranged by Glenn Simpson, the dirty, crafty and corrupting ex-journo, and (fake or made up) dirt-digger of Fusion GPS and (wait for it) Obama State Department! Observe, two key Russians attended the Trump Tower meeting, the first Russian is Simpson’s client (lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya), while the second Russian is Anatoli Samochornov, who worked under Obama’s State Department as a translator. Therefore, Glenn Simpson’s client and a State Department employee deceived Trump Jr, Kusher and Manafort with a fake promise to provide compromising information on Hillary Clinton (former head of the State Department). However, emerging evidence points to the fact that the meeting was seemingly arranged to buttress the collusion lies being put together on behalf of Hillary Clinton campaign by yet to be indicted Glenn Simpson in his infamous Trump dossier. This is indeed the perfect evidence of collusion in plain sight by unethical Obama, his State Department, Hillary Clinton, and Russians.

On the other hand, these lies, propaganda, alternative facts and innuendoes were given metastasize importance by “know nothing” journos who breathlessly reported these fake narratives and grew rich doing so (see Merchants of Lies and A Dangerous Left-Wing Conspiracy).

Observe, any man, woman, or spirit who consistently lies to me wishes to manipulate and influence my mind, my thinking, and my decisions. Such persons or entities are my enemies. Therefore, Western “know nothing” Liberal Journalists (such as Der Spiegel “fake news” reporter, Glenn Simpson “fake fact” compiler, British, American, Canadian, German (etc) juornos who reported fake news/fake leaks as facts) are truly “enemies of the people” they misinform and influence through their reports. Their willful blindness is criminal. Period.

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