Senseless Donkey
Senseless Donkey (image arrangment and callout text by AIA, 2019.)


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Senseless Donkey

Nineteen American troop lost their lives while seventy-three were injured while trying to initially capture a Somalia troubleshooting warlord, the operation eventually escalated into a rescue operation of trapped US troops in Mogadishu, in the year 1993. Overall, the operation was a disaster; it was a big black eye for President Clinton and General Garrison (who resigned in 1996).

How disastrous was the operation? Observe, for the first time in my life, I saw live images of a dead American soldeir being dragged in the streets of Mogadishu by cheering Somalis, his bloodied face, uniform and flesh that gradually peeled off as the abuse continues will be a sight that I will never forget. The gleeful Somalis dragging him were like wolves, feasting on a cherished pastime.

Nonetheless, what was Clinton’s business in Somalia? His intervention messed up the country, just like the intervention of his wife Hillary (while she was Secretary of State) messed up Libya. These two achievement hungry folks decided to add successful military intervention under their belts, but ended up tumbling tottering countries, leaving them worse than they found them.

One can argue that events in Somalia provided the springboard for USS Cole bombing on the 12 of October 2000 and 9/11 a year later. Observe, rather than decisively target those responsible, Clinton settled for half measures. No doubt his half measures emboldens American enemies, who spent months planning how to take the battle to American soil. This was achieved the year Clinton left office, on September 11, 2001. Unfortunately, they did it when a Republican was in office. Bush’s response was effective until Obama eased pressure, leading to the creation of ISIS, which Trump recently stamped out.

Why the short history? Islamic radicals understand and respect force. Hence they fear Republicans and disdain Democrats. No wonder Congresswoman Ilhan Omar a Somali refugee, who came to the US as a wolf cub and grew to become a wolf has scant respect for the senseless donkeys that come to her rescue each time she lobs her verbal circular firing grenades.

Each missed opportunity to sanction Ilhan Omar will embolden her and her fellow radicals to lob more hurtful verbal grenades. I suspect the shrapnel from the verbal grenade she lobbed towards Obama grazed him, forcing him to meet with another verbal-suicide bomber Rashida Tlaib (before she lobs her own verbal grenade in his direction).

The wolf cubs are becoming stronger; their donkey protectors have learned nada from history. Rather than discipline their wolf pack, they are busy lecturing Americans. President Trump did the right thing when he called out Ilhan Omar’s dismissive comment about 9/11. However, he shouldn't stop, if he wish to prevent another 9/11. Why? Today's verbal-bombers influences future actual-bombers.

Wolves steer clear from elephants, but can attack and feast on donkeys and other wolves – isn’t it ironic?

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