The Dark Garden of US Politics
The Dark Garden of US Politics


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How Adam Schiff Schiffed Pelosi

Adam Schiff acts like a snaky schiffer, that is a cruise ship that promised exotic and impossible destinations, especially to Impeachment Land. However, anyone who embarks on Schiff’s schiff is “einschiffen” to nada land! Remember Manu Raju of CNN? He boarded Schiff’s schiff and was “einschiffen-ed” to nada land! The leak he was fed about Trump Jr was a pile of rubbish that led to an embarrassing correction back in 2017.

Aside from gullible Manu, millions of Americans eagerly waited for Adam Schiff to “ausschiffen” his vaporware proof that President Trump colluded with Russians to win the election, to this day, snaky Schiff is still “umschiffen-ing” his lies, he refused to apologize, he continues to lie and smear the President. This is interesting, it implies that Adam “schiffed” the public and journalists in order to turn Americans against Republicans, and move them to vote against Republican candidates during the midterm election!

Not satisfied with schiffing Americans and journalists, Adam Schiff decided to play his biggest snaky “schiff” on members of his own party! How did Adam the schiffer schiffed Nasty Pelosi and democrats? Methinks it goes like this: “Am going to win this election for Democrats. Stage 1 of my plan will make Pelosi the Vice President of the US, then I will become the House Speaker. Stage 2 of my plan will make Pelosi the President and I will become her Vice President, thereafter Nadler will head the House. Look, am working with a whistle blower, I have doctored his testimony to implicate President Trump, I will rope in Vice President Pence later. Deal?” - I may not be able to simulate Pelosi’s response beyond the joint conference they held. Thereafter, Nasty Pelosi “received” an invite to visit Iowa, while Schiff's office began circulating pictures of Adam Schiff “trying” to look important/presidential.

Pelosi’s sudden impeachment turnaround baffled the liberal Governor of New York (Andrew Cuomo), it equally threw America into uncharted territory (secret impeachment inquiry), if only Pelosi had waited 48 hours for the transcripts, all these brouhaha would have been avoided! Unfortunately, she followed Eve down the path of infamy by listening and acting on Schiff’s lies. Her 360 degree turn on impeachment gave birth to the first gestapo-styled impeachment inquiry in the history of America.

Kind of ironic, Satan as a serpent deceived Eve, who in turn deceived Adam in Eden. Thousands of years later, Satan deceived Adam, and Adam deceived Pelosi, again in a land that is fast becoming like Eden under President Trump's policies (historic unemployment level for all Americans, especially minorities).

If Adam, Pelosi and turncoat Republicans succeed in their dastardly plan of impeachment using gestapo inquiry, I believe their actions will further fracture the US, note that a fractured US will affect the whole world econmomically and technologically. How? A broken US will discourage the best amongst mankind from emigrating to that geographical location that represent our collective abilities. The only geographical location where we succeed not based on whom we know, rather on what we can do. My prayer is that GOD will deliver us from their evil imaginations in Jesus name – amen.

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