Leering Donkey (Credit: aia 2019)
Leering Donkey (Credit: aia 2019)


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In The Name of Compassion

What do homeless folks need? Temporal shelters and a path out of homelessness. However, crafting a path out of homelessness requires policies that will keep homeless folks off drugs. It includes employment for those who can work, or hands on training for those without job skills, along with motivational talks and counseling. Easy isn’t it? Unfortunately, this simple truism isn’t the case in California and other blue states/cities.

Observe, in the name of compassion, homeless Californians are permitted to live in squalid camps, or simply sleep on most of their streets. In the name of compassion homeless folks are permitted to defecate in public. In the name of compassion, laws against possession of certain quantity of drugs are watered down so that sellers can sell and their hapless and homeless clients can spend their monthly stipends on these drugs. In the name of compassion laws that make it a felony to break into cars were watered down, since addicted homeless folks need extra cash to fund their drug habits. In a nutshell, in the name of compassion, homeless folks are trapped in perpetual cycle of homelessness.

But why trap these folks in perpetual misery? Sadly because they have something Democrats strongly crave to win elections, their votes, period. Expect the drugs to flow, homelessness to persist and public defecation to increase, as long as these hapless folks vote for democrats.

Again in the name of compassion, blue states and cities grant state workers attractive pensions, without a workable pension funding blueprint in place. Hence most states and cities controlled by Democrats fail to fund these pensions beyond a few years. Thus, in the name of compassion, innocent workers are forced to pay for what will not be available when they retire. Unsurprisingly, in the name of compassion, Illinois, California and New York are finding it hard to fund their pension schemes, leaving pensioners and workers anxious and furious.

But why trap retired, current and future state workers in unsustainable economy killing benefits? Again, because they have something Democrats strongly crave to win elections, their votes, period.

In the name of compassion, the Democratic Party which supported slavery (and went to war to sustain it), the Democratic Party which introduced the KKK to terrorize blacks, the Democratic Party whose lawmakers introduced the ignoble Jim Crow laws, this same Democratic Party is engaged in retaining blacks in economic chains, slavery, segregation and groupthink. Observe, during the dark era of slavery, any slave who attempts to escape his master’s plantation is publicly dealt with. Such slaves are beaten or killed when caught. Likewise, the modern party of slavery ruthlessly deals with any black who attempts to escape groupthink and embrace Republicanism.

Hence, the Democratic Party cheered Kanye West and amplified his claim that Bush doesn’t care about blacks (due to Bush’s government delay in responding to Hurricane Katrina disaster, which ravaged New Orleans, a predominately black city). However, these same folks called Kanye West crazy, insane and mentally unstable for supporting President Trump, whose policies made it possible for more blacks to be employed since America became a republic.

Again, the Party of slavery demonstrated their ability to publicly shame blacks who attempt to flee groupthink on air! Observe, during a discussion regarding White House’s decision to revoke former CIA agent John Brennan’s security clearance, Ex-CIA Philip Mudd screamed at Paris Dennard (a Trump supporter) and asked him (in KKK fashion) to GET OUT! Most Liberal commentators supported Mudd and Denner was dubiously sacked by reliably Liberal CNN.

Why are Democrats working overtime to create a segregated caste of black voters? Because blacks have something Democrats strongly crave to win elections, their votes, period.

Finally, in the name of compassion, illegal immigrants are given sanctuary through policies enacted by democrats. Thus in the name of compassion, more uneducated immigrants trek for miles and illegally enter the US, in order to enjoy sanctuary status in democrat's strongholds. A lot of them end up with low waged jobs; some join gangs, some become drug addicts, others work for Mexican drug cartels or become homeless. Sadly, in the name of compassion, unchecked illegal immigration affects blacks economically, since they occupy the lowest rungs in the economic ladder. One is tempted to believe democrats are actually replacing black voters with illegal immigrants.

Why do democrats encourage illegal immigration in the name of compassion? Because these immigrants (especially those who are uneducated or criminal minded); illegally use details of dead voters to vote for democrats in most state and sometimes federal elections, period.

In conclusion, policies have consequences, and democrats seem to have a natural talent for enacting policies that enslaves present and future generations in permanent crisis mode, all in the name of compassion.

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