A Billion Suns
A Billion Suns





A Billion Suns

Climate change advocates are fixated on the idea that humans are responsible for global warming or climate change through depleting the ozone layer with harmful industrial gases. A key argument against this opinion is that the earth has experienced both long warming and cooling cycles long before mankind mastered the art of creating machines that generate carbon monoxide through combustion.

Sadly, failure to arrive at the real cause of climate change or global warming has created the only hiatus in the climate change community, namely consensus. Without consensus, it will be impossible to provide solutions that will help mankind to have advance warning concerning future warming or cooling trends. This blog post presents a theory which I believe may explain the missing links in climate change or global warming.

Earth’s rotation on its axis produces night and day, while her elliptical revolution around the sun leads to seasonal changes. Therefore, is it not possible that a third rotation can extend seasonal changes beyond their usual duration?

Observe, scant attention has been devoted to studying the effects of the Milky Way’s rotation, especially the rotation of the spur or arm that concerns Earth and our solar system, namely the Orion Arm or Spur. It is very probable that the rotation of Orion Arm exposes our solar system at certain points in space time to the rays of a billion distant suns. It is probable that these rays heat up the atmosphere of each planet in the system, while increasing the heat energy of our sun, which in turn extends warm or hot seasons. Therefore, longer cooling is possible whenever Orion Arm rotates away from the rays of these billion suns.

While these billion suns are far-flung from our solar system, it is quite possible that their combined energies can leap across the great void and reach our solar system at certain points during Orion Arm’s rotation.

Climate scientists need to bury the hatchet and examine these theories. Perhaps, in the future, if this theory is validated, mankind will be able to deploy probes that will measure and relay deep space temperatures (a form of early warning system) that will help mankind to prepare for another warming or cooling cycle. Thank you for your time.

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