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Willful Blindness

“And he spake a parable unto them, Can the blind lead the blind? shall they not both fall into the ditch?” Luke 6:39 KJV

The 2015 election revealed a large collection of willfully blind leaders whose utterances made Nigerians to elect Buhari and ushered in record poverty. A recap of those willfully blind leaders will help us at this crucial juncture as we prepare to vote tomorrow, the 15th of February 2019.

Pastors, Priests and Religious Leaders: These groups of people assured us that Buhari was the messiah for the hour. Pastors and Priests promised that Nigeria will flow with milk and honey once Buhari was elected. Three years and nine months later, Nigeria became the Poverty Capital of the World. The latest report indicated that over 91 million Nigerians are extremely poor.

Christians: A number of Christians despised Goodluck Jonathan, they have a very low opinion of his Christianity, in judging him, they ended up judging themselves. These folks behaved like Esau, they sold the Presidency so that they can have a toothless Vice President. Unfortunately, most Christians demonically believe that Buhari will die and Osinbajo will become President. This is wrong! It is coming from the pit of hell. Buhari is not Yar’adua – you vote for him and you suffer the consequence. Period.

Politicians: These group of leaders deceived Nigerians that the price of petrol will drop from N97 per litre to N45, they equally promised that graduates will earn monthly stipends while they look for job, and that subsidies will be removed or stopped. It was all a lie; observe, the government added 1 before 45 and sold petrol to the masses for N145! Yet they wickedly increased the cost of subsidy payment to N1.4 trillion, even when the price of crude was falling! Haba! Meanwhile, Nigerians no longer eat 3 square meals; it is chop as you go, graduates don’t receive stipends, rather they simply graduate to join the unemployment market which increased to 23% under Buhari.

INEC: Love it or not, INEC desperately wanted to return the Presidency to the North, no matter the candidate. Hence, while card readers were rigidly imposed on voters in the South, it was loosely imposed on voters from the North, especially after Lai Mohammed made his appeal to INEC to permit the large crowds in the North to vote without accreditation! Observe, even Jonathan had problem with accreditation!

Foreign Actors: A company founded by David Axelrod (who spear-headed Obama election/re-election campaigns) played a key role in the emergence of President Buhari, they couldn’t whitewash Buhari’s previous moribund accomplishments (which lead to unemployment, negative GDP and widespread hunger in 1983-1985); hence they decided to deceive Nigerians by focusing on selective anti corruption campaign.

Beloved, yesterday (February 14th 2019) Buhari said he seek reelection because of his agreement with the poor. I almost cried, because this is a willfully blind leader who has made millions of Nigerians poor, a leader whose policies transformed Nigeria into the poverty capital of the world! Does it imply his desire is to make more Nigerians poor? Is that his agreement with Nigerians?

In conclusion, like most people, I was deceived into thinking Buhari is a man of integrity, the truth is, a man is as good as those he surround himself with. Beloved, history will repeat itself tomorrow, if we fail to learn from what happened in 2015.

It is well.


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