Mr Bola Tinubu
Mr Bola Tinubu


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The Power of Bullion Vans

William Sydney Porter (a 19th century American writer) coined the term banana republic in1904. The term banana republic describes a politically unstable country with an economy dependent upon the exportation of a limited resources or product. This begs the following question, is Nigeria actually a banana republic? Short answer: Yes.

Nigeria is politically unstable. Observe, on Election Day, Mr Bola Tinubu (an APC chieftain) parked two bullion vans in his house after promising to give Buhari 3 million votes. Somehow, EFCC missed the bullion vans which was widely reported and decided to pick up a man that had N55,000:00k (fifty-five thousand Naira) on him, out of which he claimed he wish to bribe INEC officials with N3,000:00k (three thousand Naira).

Let’s take a deep breath, how many N55k are there in two bullion vans? It is mind boggling! This double standard becomes obvious when we compare EFCC's knee-jerk arrest of Atiku’s lawyer (for legally using a Bureau de Change to exchange $2 million), with their nonchalant attitude towards Tinubu's bullion vans. Welcome to Banana Republic of Nigeria.

Again on Election Day, the Federal Government deployed troops in PDP strongholds to prevent them from voting peacefully. This lopsided deployment of troops made it possible for APC thugs in Lagos, Osun and Oyo states to have a free day in PDP strongholds. Ballot boxes were snatched or set on fire, INEC officials and policemen were sent running for their lives, while voters were threatened to vote for APC candidates or face the consequence. Infuriated Ibo voters whose ballot papers were destroyed beat one of their attackers (Ademola) black and blue, meanwhile Buhari’s soldiers failed to show up to carryout the President’s order on Ademola. Initial report claimed the attackers were members of the OPC (Odua People’s Congress), however, OPC declared today the 24th of February that none of her members was involved in ballot snatching.

Having seen the jungle justice meted out on Ademola in Lagos, other ballot snatchers decided to wear face masks as they drove around Lagos, disrupting elections from holding in PDP strongholds – meanwhile, the parked bullion vans remained in Tinubu’s compound, while mayhem and deaths continues across the nation in PDP strongholds.

What if Jonathan behaved this way in 2015? What if he organized disruption of polling units in APC's strongholds nationwide? What if his henchmen parked bullion vans in their homes on Election Day? Are the bullion vans likely insurance policies for arrested or maimed thugs?

Meanwhile, incoming reports across the nation revealed flagrant voliations of the following sections of the Electoral Act. Section 128 E.A 2010: Disorderly Conducts at Elections, Section 131 E.A 2010: Threatening, Section 100 (1-6): Unequal allocation of Media time among political parties or candidates, Section 130 E.A 2010: Undue Influence, Section 124 E.A 2010: Bribery and Conspiracy: Vote Buying. More to come.

Those wielding the witches broom (see APC: A Modern Macbeth) have held their first election at the federal level, and it was bloody and riddled with widespread voter suppression and intimidation. Several deaths were recorded across the nation, while large section of PDP voters were prevented from voting through intimidation and suppression. Buhari’s reelection bid has become the bloodiest in the history of Nigeria so far, with rampant acts of voters suppression and intimidation. Arise Oh LORD, deliver our nation – amen.

GOD bless Nigeria – amen.


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