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INEC is Incompetent

INEC is incompetent. Indeed INEC is so incompetent that she demonstrated her cringeworthy incompetence before the whole world. How? INEC staffs spent over seven grueling days attempting to update their website with presidential and NASS election results for 2011 and 2019 but FAILED SPECTACULARLY! Observe, if INEC cannot upload, query and display dynamic data on their website, how can we trust them to CORRECTLY upload voters data into card readers? This begs the following questions, who upload voters data into card readers, INEC staffs or her contractors? Did INEC contracted the uploading of card readers to third parties? If the answer to the second question is yes, then it explains why a lot of civil servants who felt the brute of APC’s failed policies couldn’t vote. Observe, is it possible that those who uploaded voters data into card readers maliciously or incompetently excluded voters that were anti-APC? Is it possible to exclude certain voters from card readers? Sure it is possible, either due to the device storage/memory size, or when those who loaded the readers decides to omit some voters. Kapish?

Observe, It was alleged that Governor Obiano (who famously wished President Buhari what he - Obiano wished himself), directed that the following text message should be sent to all civil servants in his state: “Please submit a return on these details of staff in your school to Admin. Department of PPSSC Awka zonal office as directed by the Executive Governor of Anambra State, namely, 1, Name; 2, Voting Ward and 3.Polling Unit. Return to be submitted before close of work on 20/02/19. Please acknowledge receipt of this information.” – Wow isn’t it? Is this coincidental or incriminating?

Can we infer that the Buhari team shared their election blueprint of voter’s suppression with Obiano, since he wished Buhari what he wished himself? Can we infer that the prompt pushback from Atiku and Peter Obi buried this dastardly attempt in Anambra? Moreover, since so many voters were disenfranchised nationwide, can we infer that card readers were tampered with to favor APC? The questions raised are valid since APC dubiously won in states where her governors maltreated civil servants, who incidentally form a formidable voting block along with their dependents.

While we search for answers to the questions above, do find below screen grabs of INEC website, showing their cringeworthy incompetence. Unfortunately, I started capturing their website from the 1st of March because I initially thought the weird behavior would be resolved in a day or two. Taxpayers ₦242 billion Naira in action or inaction.

Exhibit 1

Exhibit 1 - 1st of March 2019: Alert box returned empty message after I directed the website to show me the result of the Presidential election.

Exhibit 2

Exhibit 2 - 2nd of March 2019: I observed INEC added a third select/dropdown control for selecting desired year. I selected 2011 and it gave me a fictional result for 2015.

Exhibit 3

Exhibit 3 - 2nd of March 2019: The website displayed the correct year with cringworthy result after I refreshed the screen. It appears INEC staff were testing the code on their live server!

Exhibit 4

Exhibit 4 - 4th of March 2019: I selected 2019 on the 4th of March and the site displayed the alert box shown above! More evidence of incompetent testing on a live server!

Exhibit 5

Exhibit 5 - 4th of March 2019: Clicking on Ok button in Exhibit 4 screen grab displays this useless list.

Exhibit 6

Exhibit 6 - 4th of March 2019: INEC staff threw in the towel on the 4th of March 2019, scrapping all previous efforts. What is the financial cost of this fruitless exercise?

Exhibit 7

Exhibit 7 - 9th of March 2019: Since ₦242 billion couldn't buy competence, INEC decided Nigerians should feed on PDF documents.

My conclusion, since INEC can't upload, query and display dynamic data on their website, am pretty sure they can't handle card readers internally. Period. We urgently need independent researchers to be given access to card readers to verify their usage.

Meanwhile, INEC's incompetence in Osun has been reversed by the election tribunal sitting in that state. PDP candidate has been declared the winner of the gubernatorial election. INEC's illegal collusion with APC came to naught. Shalom!

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