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President Buhari


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Buhari is The Worst Leader Since Independence

While researching into Nigerian’s GDP Per Capital Growth, I was embarrassed to discover that President Buhari is (again) the worst leader for workers since independence! Please note that GDP Per Capital Growth is the best measurement of a country's standard of living, and it is lowest under Buhari and Shagari.

This made me to conclude that a man cannot perform above his potentials. Success isn’t the product of speech and cheap talk, success is the product of hardwork, selflessness and commitment to one’s duty – which are missing in President Buhari, hence his embarrassing records. Buhari's performance has nothing to do with crude oil prices or purported past looting. Obasanjo turned Nigeria around after 16 years of actual looting by the military, with lower per barrel price of crude oil in his first four years as civilian President. Indeed, the prices of crude oil under Buhari (2015-2019) are higher than what Obsanjo channeled to transform Nigeria from 1999-2002.

How bad is Buhari’s performance?

Anyway, as usual, Buhari came last in the latest research (see table below). May GOD forgive Nigerians for insulting Yar’Adua/Jonathan and voting for Buhari a non-performer. It reminds me of the Jews rejecting Jesus for Barabbas a murderer – they got what they wished for – just like Nigerians got what they wished for. Buhari has dragged us backwards. Forgive us LORD and save us – Amen.

Position President Per Capital Growth
1st Olusegun Obasanjo 51.7720309007
2nd General Yakubu Gowon 32.3936409288
3rd Yar'Adua/Jonathan 26.4493212338
4th Balewa 11.8586718788
5th General Sani Abacha -1.4553269674
6th General Ibrahim Babangida -5.830304516
7th Shehu Shagari -17.7806925034
LAST Muhammadu Buhari -17.850089848

Buhari is VERY bad for Nigerians!

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